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The benefits of being an IAPCP Accredited Training Institute.

In a competitive world where clients and customers can access the global market and compare like for like, it's even more important to stand out for the right reasons. This is why successful trainers will ensure they deliver the best service to customers while ensuring that their strategies are effective, timely, and meet all their customers' needs. At the heart of it all, a successful business strategy must include having high standards and delivering on those standards.


Being an IAPCP Accredited Training Institute means you have demonstrated your commitment to delivering the highest quality training, including meeting the stringent criteria set out by the IAPCP. It also demonstrates that your courses meet essential industry standards and that you are committed to being assessed by IAPCP. Your students can be reassured that you are delivering because we hold you accountable on their behalf.

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A Sign of Training Excellence


Common Purpose


Continents Covered


Common Values


Students Or More in Three Years

  • One Common Purpose - To improve the world by empowering people to live healthier, happier, meaningful lives.

  • Four Continents Covered - A global community of like-minded people collectively working on training and supporting Professional  Complementary Practitioners.

  • Five Common Values - Integrity, Respect, Community, Growth, and Knowledge.

  • Three Thousand Students - A moonshot mission for our institutes is to each train 3000 (or more) students to meet the community's needs.


Training Institutes 

Confirmation of training to the highest standards

In a mainly unregulated industry, training in complementary practices can be hit and miss for students seeking quality tuition and the public seeking highly trained and qualified practitioners. IAPCP has a rigorous procedure for assessing training; its team and board of experts are qualified to assess and support the ongoing development of training programs for Accredited Institutes.


The IAPCP sets the standards of excellence that will become the benchmark for supporting the development of training programs worldwide. 


With the development of online courses,  learning development systems mean anyone can create and market a course with limited or no experience. The IAPCP selection process separates the quality trainers from the noise. 

The Application Process

  1. REQUEST THE APPLICATION: Use the link below and watch the explainer video before submitting your request for an Accreditation Application Form. 

  2. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: Complete and return your Accreditation Application Form; we provisionally review your Accreditation Application Form for completeness. If complete, we will email you instructions to pay your assessment fee of $500. Which is a one-off fee with an annual renewal fee of $150. Details of the information that is included in the TrainingHUB are included in the Accreditation Application Form terms and conditions. If further information is required, we will email you with guidance instructions on what to update. Please allow 48 hours, Mon to Fri, for this process step.

  3. PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION: The formal accreditation assessment process will begin once the assessment fee has been received. We process each application manually, and a panel of assessors reviews every application; the assessment process can take up to 21 days.

  4. PUBLISH YOUR DETAILS: Subject to the assessment results, we will arrange for your information to be added to the IAPCP TrainingHUB.

  5. WELCOME & ONBOARDING: We will arrange for one of our senior staff to welcome you with an onboarding zoom call so we can get to know more about you and your business and discuss the many ways we can support you.

Accredited Training Application

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