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Accredited Training Institutes 

Welcome, and thank you for considering becoming an Accredited Institute with IAPCP. We welcome qualified, experienced training institutes and individuals who are committed to delivering training courses to complementary practitioners to the highest standards.

We are currently only accepting Accredited Training Institute Applications for Hypnotherapy and NLP. 

Watch the explainer video to know what is expected; complete the application request and return it to us as instructed. Rather than an automated process, accreditation is a manual process to prevent spamming, bots, and false and inadequate applications, and also so we can get to know you better.


The Accredited Training Institute Application Process

  1. REQUEST THE APPLICATION: Once you have watched the explainer video complete the request form below; you will receive an automated reply with the Accredited Training Institute Application Form attached. 

  2. SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: Complete and return your Accreditation Training Institute Application Form. We will provisionally review your Accreditation Application Form for completeness; if we have what we need to begin the assessment, we will email you instructions to pay your assessment fee of $500. If further information is required, we will email you with guidance instructions. Please allow 48 hours, Mon to Fri, for this process step. The assessment fee is a one-off payment. Annual renewal is $100.  

  3. PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION: The formal accreditation assessment process will begin once payment has been received. We process each application manually, and a panel of assessors reviews each; the assessment process can take up to 14 days.

  4. PUBLISH YOUR DETAILS: Subject to the assessment results, we will arrange for your information to be added to the IAPCP Accredited Register of Approved Training Institutes if successful.

  5. WELCOME & ONBOARDING: We will arrange for one of our senior staff to welcome you with an onboarding zoom call so we can get to know more about you and your business and discuss the many ways we can support you.

We are currently not processing Training Institute Applications. Please submit your initial request, and we will inform you when applications for training Institutes are recommenced.

Thank you for being patient.

Accreditation Training Institute Application Request Form 

IAPCP is respectful of your privacy all data is stored following GDPR guidelines you may unsubscribe using the unsubscribe option in all communications from us.

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