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IAPCP Standards

In a world where Complementary practices are mostly unregulated, we offer a set of best practice standards designed to support both the Complementary Practitioner and Training Institute in working professionally and diligently.

The standards have been developed over decades of professional practice and apply to all disciplines and modalities.

It is a requirement that all members of the IAPCP, from training institutes and training individuals, to life-long students and accredited, verified, and advanced practitioners, agree to honor the standards which are comprised of the core values and adhere to the codes of conduct relevant to their membership.

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Core Values

IAPCP Core Values

Practicing what we teach.

The IAPCP core values have been developed and given clarity and form over decades of work and self-exploration and by putting into practice our work ethics, through being of service to others whilst honoring ourselves. They are personal shared values collectively which become culture not just for an organization but a community. The Core Values are at the heart of the IAPCP Standards and the Code of Conduct for us, our Accredited Institutes and our Members.


Integrity is a fundamental core value we strive to uphold in our organization and all we deal with.


We believe in honesty, authenticity and trustworthiness, doing what is right, and treating all people respectfully.

Doing what is right for a win-win for everyone.


Respect is a paramount value that must be embedded in any flourishing relationship. By comprehending, recognizing and honoring each other's disparities, we can craft an encouraging environment where collaboration blooms, allowing us to establish strong connections with one another. Respect further produces trustworthiness and commitment - two indispensable elements of any successful team, alliance, organization or community.


We are devoted to making impactful contributions in our regional and global communities producing better results for all. Our dedication to giving back goes beyond just providing services, products, or support; we are also dedicated to sharing knowledge and resources with others, as well as donating time. We firmly believe that by connecting meaningfully with our community members, we can drive real transformation and work towards a more sustainable future.


At IAPCP, growth is the backbone of all we do. We understand that investing in ourselves, products and services will help us all to reach new heights of success.


Unrelentingly, we search for methods to enhance and innovate so that we can impart these changes to our community allowing them to evolve without fear or risk.


At IAPCP, knowledge is at the very heart of all that we do.


We firmly believe that staying informed on the latest mental, physical, and complementary research trends and advancements enable us to offer a superior service for our community.


We are passionate about providing ground-breaking solutions helping our members cope with changes and supporting them to exceed their goals and expectations for themselves and their clients.

Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

The codes of conduct are rules to which we expect all members of the IAPCP to adhere to. They are designed to be globally applicable, support client safeguarding, and engender best practices for professionals. They do not replace the moral or legal requirement for institutes and individuals to make their own provisions for operating legally in their geographical areas of practice and the modalities they practice.

Codes of Conduct for all IAPCP members
Codes of Conduct for Accredited Professional Practitioners
Codes of Conduct for Accredited Institutes 

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

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