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The IAPCP MembersHUB 

If you are keen to explore and just want to sign up and get access to the resources in the MembersHUB then sign up as a Life-Long Learner create your membership account and get immediate access to the ResourceHUB, and TrainingHUB. Watch the explainer video for sign-up instructions. The PracticeHUB and WikiHUB appear on the MembersHUB menus are locked and only available to Accredited and Verified members.  See Practitioner information for more details

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Access a wealth of information, tips, and technology experienced professionals use. Save time and focus on your clients doing what you're best at - helping people feel better. Feel confident that you have the latest tools at your disposal, leaving you free to provide the best possible service to your clients.



Get access to the best quality training and certification courses in the Complementary arena. Benefit from our expert advice on which courses are worthy of taking. Transform your life and career with some of the best training from around the world.


Sign Up Explainer Video


  1. Watch the Sign-Up Explainer Video before applying.

  2. You can apply as a Life Long Learner anytime you wish.

  3. To become an Accredited Practitioner, start by registering as a Life Long Learner.

  4. Once registered, access your account in the MembersHUB.

  5. In the Notifications section of the MembersHUB, locate the Accredited Practitioner application form.

  6. Keep an eye on the website for application dates; they will be displayed there.

  7. For instructions on how to access the MembersHUB once you have joined, either watch the explainer video, refer to your confirmation email, or follow the instructions from the FAQ's Technical Support.

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Feel supported in your ongoing professional development, upgrading your skills after you qualify. Find the expert support you need to keep learning and developing your career. Get access to exclusive resources and events that will help you grow in your abilities. 


Utilize an extensive glossary and encyclopaedia of techniques to stay at the cutting edge of your field. Keep up with modern advancements while also benefiting from expert advice, methods, and protocols!

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