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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that our services are provided free of charge. To sustain this, we need your help in minimizing our operating overheads.


Here’s how you can assist:


  • Check Our FAQ Section First: Many common questions are already answered here. Scroll down to the magnifier glass and use the FAQ Search Bar below. If you can not find an answer, scroll up and use the Main Search Bar in the top menu to search the whole site.

  • Watch the Sign Up Explainer Video: This guide covers a lot of essential information.

  • Check your Spam Folder: If you registered, you will have received an email with user instructions.

  • Use the Technical Support Service Request Form: Only as a last resort after you've checked the above resources, and if you still can't find your answer, then please use the form located at the bottom of this page.

Your cooperation in using these resources before reaching out for support is greatly appreciated. It helps us maintain our free service model effectively.


To block spam mail and bots, we ask anyone contacting us for nontechnical support to do so using the connect form. You will be asked to use a captcha to verify you are human, so please ensure pop-ups are switched off and read the instructions if you have any issues with Captcha.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Support requests are answered Mon - Fri. Allow 48 hours for a response, although we do reply quicker.


Applications for Accredited Practitioners are now on hold so we can support existing members. The next window for applying will open on Saturday, 25th May. Please do not email asking for an exception. In the meantime, sign up as a Life Long Learner so you will receive a notification reminder. 

Sign Up Explainer Video


  1. Watch the Sign-Up Explainer Video before applying.

  2. You can apply as a Life Long Learner anytime you wish.

  3. To become an Accredited Practitioner, start by registering as a Life Long Learner.

  4. Once registered, access your account in the MembersHUB.

  5. In the Notifications section of the MembersHUB, locate the Accredited Practitioner application form.

  6. Keep an eye on the website for application dates; they will be displayed there.

  7. For instructions on how to access the MembersHUB once you have joined, either watch the explainer video, refer to your confirmation email, or follow the instructions from the FAQ's Technical Support.

  • Can anyone be hypnotised?
    Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We’ve all had times in our lives when we gazed off into the distance, we have all day dreamed, we’ve been lost in thought, we’ve all had moments when we’ve forgotten things, when we’ve imagined. These are all hypnotic phenomena. So yes, we all experience hypnosis, and we can all be hypnotised. For more information on hypnosis check out the blogs and vlogs available to non-members or if you are really fascinated and you want to learn more just sign up as a Life-Long Member and in the ResourceHUB you will find tools and information to help you to experience hypnosis. If you are a practitioner sign up as an Accredited practitioner and check out the WikiHUB where you will find exercises to improve your ability to do self-hypnosis and hypnotise other people.
  • I have some questions how can I speak to someone?
    Although IAPCP is a trading company, we operate to be of service to our members more than for profit. In order to keep operating overheads to a minimum and avoid having to pass charges on to our members, systems have been put in place to reduce all costs including time spent answering questions covered in this comprehensive FAQ. If you cannot find the answer to your question in this FAQ, use the search bar at the top of the menu. Most of the questions people have been answered on these pages. In the event that you have searched thoroughly and still have questions, please use the contact form. We do not reply to unsolicited sales messages or direct e-mail. Please allow 24 hours for a response Monday to Friday.
  • I haven't got my certificate from my trainer. Can I still register as a member?
    To become an Accredited Practitioner member, we require all applicants to provide proof of their training including certification. . If you do not have your certificate from your trainer, please contact them directly. In the event that you are still unable to provide certification, we may at our discretion offer Verified Practitioner membership, in order to do so we will require additional proof of your training and certification such as learning journals, receipts, evidence that your application is credible and meets the accrediting practitioner standards set by the IAPCP.
  • I am a Reiki practitioner will you be adding this to the categories?
    Currently, the only categories of complimentary practice which are covered by the IAPCP are hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming. In the future additional modalities will be added. Members will be notified of the categories to be included, and there will be a beta phase roll out for each new modality.
  • I have a complaint about one of the companies on the IAPCP accredited TrainingHUB what can I do about it?
    At IAPCP, we strive to maintain high standards of professionalism and ethical behavior among our members both Accredited Institutes as well as Accredited and Verified Practitioners. The expectations of IAPCP are detailed in the Standards, Values and Codes of Conduct. We do not intervene in matters of customer service, billing or marketing unless such issues violate the Standards, Values and Codes of Conduct. Such disputes are to be handled between the Accrediting Institutes and their customers. As part of this commitment, we have a complaints procedure to ensure that any complaints filed against our members by members of the public are addressed in a fair, transparent, and timely manner. Our procedure involves a thorough investigation of complaints, followed by a determination of action and an appeals process, if necessary. We maintain strict confidentiality throughout the process and provide clear and timely communication to ensure that the complainant is informed and involved every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of all parties involved and to prevent similar complaints from occurring in the future. The complaints procedure is: 1. Submission of Complaint: Complaints must be submitted via email with a valid email address, full name and point of contact. With a summary of the complaint any evidence to support the complaint. 2. Acknowledgment of Complaint: Upon receiving a complaint, we will send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant, which will reconfirm the summary of the complaint and any relevant details, along with an estimate of when the IAPCP will respond to the complaint. 3. Investigation: The IAPC will then conduct a thorough investigation of the complaint. This may involve reviewing any relevant documents, interviewing witnesses or the accused member, and gathering any other relevant information and bringing in third parties to evaluate any alleged wrongdoing if the complaint violates UK law or presents safeguarding issues. 4. Determination of Action: Based on the investigation, the IAPCP will determine what action, if any, should be taken in response to the complaint. The IAPCP will also inform the complainant of its determination in a timely manner and provide any reasons for its decision. 5. Appeals: If the complainant is not satisfied with the IAPCP response, they will be given the opportunity to appeal the decision. The appeals process will be clearly outlined and communicated to the complainant. 6. Follow-up: After the complaint has been resolved, the IAPCP will follow up with the complainant to ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome and that any necessary actions have been taken. The IAPCP will also take any steps necessary to prevent similar complaints from occurring in the future. It's important for the IAPCP to maintain confidentiality throughout the complaints process, and to ensure that both the complainant and the accused member are treated fairly and with respect. Additionally, the IAPCP will provide clear and timely communication throughout the process to ensure that the complainant is informed and involved every step of the way.
  • There are number of new things being added to the MembersHUB, when can I expect to get access to them?
    We are developing and adding new content all the time, we will inform members of substantive updates in the notification section of the MembersHUB. During the beta phase roll outs will happen once tested and fit for purpose so please be patient. All members are advised during sign up to only sign up for services which are live as we reserve the right to adapt and change existing and new services and offerings as the platform develops.
  • Can anyone join the IAPCP even with no training?
    Yes, anyone can become a Life-Long Member and get access to the ResourceHUB and TrainingHUB, access to other parts of the platform is restricted to those who have undergone Accredited or Verified training. See the Practitioners page for more details.
  • How can I be sure that the accreditation of training courses is genuine?
    A great question, complementary practices are self-regulated in most parts of the world. Anyone can set themselves up as trainers or associations. The IAPCP was set up to bring credibility to the Complementary domain, the co-founders and the alliances they work with all have experience, are regarded as leading trainers, and have authority to determine what is quality and what isn’t. The accrediting process is rigorous and thorough, if an Institute has passed the accrediting process, it is because they are worthy of training with. We always recommend anyone registering for any course satisfies themselves that the training they are enrolling in is fit for their needs. Buyers regret because of a lack of diligence is not a reason to feel the training is not of a high standard. Check websites, look at testimonials and talk with the trainers they will all be willing to discuss their trainings with you to ensure you are making a good choice.
  • How long has the IAPCP been running?
    The IAPCP is a new operation. It was established in 2022 and launched early 2023. Being a new platform, it has incorporated and adopted positively disruptive approaches to supporting his members while incorporating the decades of experience of its co-founders.
  • What are the legal requirements to practice complementary care?
    This is a very common question regularly asked especially by new students of complementary practice. The simple answer to a simple question is that the answer is complicated. And it depends upon the complementary practice and the region in which you reside and decide to operate from. Different parts of the world have different rules and different regulations depending upon the discipline. A general rule of thumb is if a complementary practice is regarded as being a medicine. the regulations are normally more stringent. In the ResourceHUB you will find information and links so you can verify the status of the complimentary practice you are interested in and the region you come from. We can only point you in the direction of the legislation we cannot advise and give a definitive legal ruling. It is for the complementary practitioner to satisfy themselves that the training they've undergone for the complementary modality they are studying for the region they live in, is in alignment with the laws and legislation of the country they operate in.
  • What type of hypnotherapy should I study and what qualifications should I get to become a hypnotherapist?
    There are many different types of hypnotherapy that you can study, each with its own unique approach and techniques. Here are some of the most popular types: · Traditional hypnotherapy: This type of hypnotherapy uses suggestion-based techniques to induce a trance-like state and make positive changes to a person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. · Ericksonian hypnotherapy: Named after the famous hypnotist Milton H. Erickson, this approach is known for its use of metaphors and indirect suggestion to help clients make positive changes. · Cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy: This type of hypnotherapy combines the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with hypnosis to help clients overcome negative thought patterns and behaviors. · Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) hypnotherapy: This approach combines hypnosis with the principles of NLP to help clients change their thought patterns and behaviors. · Solution-focused hypnotherapy: This type of hypnotherapy focuses on helping clients identify and achieve their goals, rather than dwelling on their problems or issues. ·Transpersonal hypnotherapy: This approach combines hypnosis with spiritual and metaphysical principles to help clients explore their subconscious and find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. These are just a few examples of the many different types of hypnotherapy available. It's important to choose a type of hypnotherapy that resonates with your own personal style and approach to helping clients. The qualifications will vary from foundation courses, which vary in complexity to diploma and post graduate. It is not possible to compare like for like courses in this FAQ we recommend you contact the Accrediting Institutes in the TrainingHUB and discuss with them their programmes and make comparisons which suit your ultimate outcomes.
  • How long does my Life-Long Learner membership last?
    The Life-Long Learner membership is a free service to support new students, currently we have no plans to change the format but reserve the right to change the platform if it benefits the members. The duration of your membership is subject to change however we do not foresee this happening.
  • I have a question about a course and want to know more
    If you have any questions about any of the course being show in the TrainingHUB please contact the accredited institutes direct for information. We are not in a position to offer clarification about any of their course content, syllabus, dates or prices please contact them and satisfy yourself about the information in question.
  • Can I submit a blog post to be added to your site?
    Currently it is not possible for you to add a blog post to your site. We are only accepting blogs from accredited institutes and individuals who are verified as being experts in their fields of specialisation.
  • How do I cancel my Life-Long Learner subscription?
    Why would anyone want to cancel a Life-Long Learner subscription that is for free? If for any reason though, you do decide you no longer want to be part of the community and benefit from all the amazing free Information and resource is that are available to you. Simply log into the MembersHUB, go to the settings tab and click the unsubscribe button and your information will be deleted from our system.
  • What exactly is NLP?
    NLP has been described as the study of how we do what we do. Dr Richard Bandler, the Co creator of NLP has said, “NLP is the study of human behaviour, it’s a curiosity that leaves behind a trail of techniques.” To discover more about NLP, visit the blog and blog section where you'll find articles. Or sign in as a member using the Life-Long Learner subscription option, which is for free and get access to all of the amazing resource, that will teach you so much more about NLP and how it can benefit you and your life.
  • As a member, do I get discounts on courses?
    In the beta phase of the IAPCP platform development, members discounts are not currently available. We are working with our accredited institutes to provide additional benefits and discounts that members will benefit from. As these are added, they will be displayed in the TrainingHUB section of the website, check out the notifications section of the MembersHUB where updates will be posted.
  • Do I need insurance to study, and where do I get them?
    It is advisable to get insurance if you are doing any work even during when studying and before qualification. In the ResourceHUB of the platform you will find links and information on where to get insurance, to cover you during the study phase of your practitioner journey.
  • I've joined up but can't access some of the pages why is that?
    Different levels of membership will give you access to different pages in the MembersHUB. If you have registered as a Life-Long Learner, you have access to the ResourceHUB and the TrainingHUB. Only Accredited and Verified practitioners will have access to the PracticeHUB and WikiHUB. See the Practitioner page of the website using the menu at the top of each page, for more information on the different levels of membership available to you
  • Can I get a framed printed certificate of my accreditation?
    Accreditation certificates are given in the form of downloadable PDF files in order to keep membership costs down to a minimum. Currently we do not offer printed posted versions.
  • If I put a practice group together, can I advertise to the other members?
    If you manage a practise group and you wish to have it posted in the PracticeHUB so other members can connect with you, you will need to contact us and verify that you are either an NLP trainer or a qualified supervisor. We will require copies of your trainer or supervision qualifications, demonstrating you have experience to deliver a high-quality practice experience. At IAPCP we provide and promote only quality services which meet the benchmark standards set by our alliance board members. To maintain this standard, we verify the credentials and experience of anybody that we promote including practice groups.
  • How long does my accreditation last?
    All accredited training institutes are required to renew their accreditation on an annual basis. The accreditation fee is a one-off payment with an annual renewal fee due upon review. Accredited training institutes will be required to notify us of any substantive changes to their training syllabus which may affect their accreditation.
  • I have a new course to launch and want to add this to my registry entry
    Accredited training institutes are allowed to promote and market on the IAPCP platform up to six courses if they were submitted during the application. Additional courses can be added if they fit under the criteria of NLP or hypnotherapy and meet the required standards set out in the application process. Currently if you want to update your entry by contacting your representative, they will provide you with the documentation so we can amend your course entry.
  • Can I give students certificates accredited by the IAPCP?
    As an approved accredited training institute, you will have permission to add the relevant IAPCP logos to your certificates for your students. Terms of use are covered in the application documentation and artwork will be sent to you upon approval and acceptance of your application.
  • When I register, is my payment secure?
    We use Stripe and PayPal in order to process payments. All payments are covered by their security protocols.
  • I registered but didn't get a confirmation email
    When you register, a confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent out to you. Please check your spam folder to ensure it's not been filtered out also ensure that you correctly spelt your e-mail address when signing up. You will also have automatically received a link giving you access to the MembersHUB. Sign in using the link, entering the e-mail and the password that you used to sign up with. Go to the members menu and check that your information has been added correctly. Please ensure that you add the e-mail address to your contacts to ensure you receive all correspondences from us.
  • When I try to log into the system the Captcha keeps asking me to select pictures, what do I do?
    We use Captcha to protect the system from spam, bots and fraudulent accounts. If you are having difficulty logging into the system because of the Captcha system, it's because it has detected unusual activity. Please open an incognito or private window and re-enter the information. Alternatively click on the Captcha button that gives you an audio option. If you're still having difficulties, this will be a browser issue and you need to use an alternative browser or check with your browser to ensure its updated.
  • If I want to cancel my membership, what do I do?
    Sign into the MembersHUB and update your information. If you have a Life-Long Learning membership, this will automatically cancel your membership. If you are on a subscription membership e-mail us at from the e-mail address that you use for your membership, giving us written notice that you'd like to cancel. Your membership will be cancelled before payment is taken as per the terms of membership.
  • I wish to remove my details from the IAPCP system. How do I do this?
    Use the unsubscribe option in any correspondence from us or e-mail us at from the e-mail address that you use for your membership, giving us written notice that you'd like to have your details removed from our system and we will do this for you.
  • How do i access the MembersHUB?
    As an IAPCP member, your journey begins with registering as a Life Long Learner. This ensures your details are properly recorded in our system. Upon successful registration, you will receive an automated email confirming your Life Long Learner membership. You can then immediately access our MembersHUB using the same email and password you signed up with. To navigate the MembersHUB, whether as a Life Long Learner or an Accredited Practitioner, simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the screenshots below. Step 1 - Use the top menu to Sign Up and also to Log In Step 2 - If Signing Up complete the fields and submit - look out for the confirmation message onscreen and confirmation email. If returning to Log In select the Already Signed Up? - Log In Here To Your Account IMPORTANT - If you encounter an error message asking you to try later please refer to the FAQ guidance notes. Step 3 - Log In using the email and password used to Sign Up with. Step 4 - Navigate the MembersHUB using the top sub menu. Step 5 - Life Long Learners will have access to the ResourceHUB and TrainingHUB. Accredited Practitioners will have access to the PracticeHUB and WikiHUB. Please visit the Notification section as shown to find information on how to apply for Accredited Practitioner status.
  • I emailed with a technical support question and didn't get an immediate reply
    We appreciate that when something isnt working it can be frustrating to not get an immediate resolution. The IAPCP currently operates a free service so to keep overheads and running costs to a minimum we check and reply to all emails once a day within the support times stated. Mon to Fri 10am till 5-m uk times. Excluding holiday periods. We do reply to all emails unfortunately sometimes the recipient finds that their email has gone into thier spam folders. To prevent this from happening as requested please add to your contacts to ensure you see the replies.
  • I keep getting a technical error message when I try to sign up
    There are two reasons why you will get a message saying "Registration failed due to a technical issue. Try again later." REASON 1 - You have already successfully signed up in which case use the link "Already signed up - LOG IN HERE" enter the email and password you signed up with. REASON 2 - Because of the increased frequency of hacking, trolls, and cyber attacks, our system uses a CAPTCHA to monitor and safeguard its integrity. This system may trigger a CAPTCHA error if it detects unusual activity during the registration process. Possible Causes: Typo in your email address. Multiple attempts to sign in or solve the CAPTCHA. Use of an outdated browser. Use of a browser from a region associated with hacking. High traffic on our website at that time. Resolution: Wait and Try Again Later: If you receive a CAPTCHA error, please follow the system's recommendation and try again later. This allows the system to reset and reevaluate your request. Check Your Information: Before trying again, ensure the accuracy of the information you've provided, including your email address. Browser Compatibility: Use an up-to-date browser, as older ones may encounter issues with our CAPTCHA system. Regional Considerations: If possible, avoid using a browser from regions known for hacking activities. Using a VPN service set to a different region might also help. Complete the CAPTCHA Accurately: Pay close attention to the CAPTCHA challenge and complete it accurately to avoid triggering the security measures. We understand the importance of this security layer, and unfortunately, we cannot disable it as it is a system-wide safeguard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but assure you that it is in place to protect your account and our system from potential threats. If you continue to face issues after following these steps, please email us through our website, and our team will assist you in resolving the matter promptly.
  • How long will the pause on applications last?
    Due to technical security issues applications are temporarily on pause which the platform resolves the issue. As soon as they have a remedy the applications for Life Long Lerners will be opened. We appreciate your patience and ask you just pop back to the site in a few days. They are unable to give us a timeline.

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Please only use for non-technical support or account questions.  For technical support, use the Technical Support Service Request Form above: 

We reply to questions Mon - Fri. Allow 48 hours for a response.


Applications for Accredited Practitioners are now on hold so we can support existing members. The next window for applying will open on Saturday, 25th May. Please do not email asking for an exception. In the meantime, sign up as a Life Long Learner so you will receive a notification reminder. 

Thanks for connecting!

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