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International Alliance of

Promoting Excellence, Professionalism, and Progress in all aspects of Best Complementary Care

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Who Benefits By Joining The IAPCP?

Life-Long Learning Students

Students going through training to become Professional Complementary Practitioners can enroll and access resources, information on accredited training providers, details of verified events, and utilize a wealth of tools and tips, to assist you on your personal and professional development journey. All for FREE when you sign up as a Life-Long Learning Student

Professional Complementary Practitioners

Professional Complementary Practitioners have multiple member benefits when they enroll with the IAPCP. Exclusive access to professional mentoring and supervisory support, a comprehensive library of resources to help you develop your practices, a lexicon of techniques and tools, and technological and legislative updates in the MembersHUB. 

Accredited Training Institutes

Being an IAPCP Accredited Training Institute is a badge of honor that reassures and lets prospective students know that you offer training and events of the highest of standards. IAPCP has a rigorous accreditation process and support program designed to assist Institutes and Individuals in providing excellence and best training practices for their students.

Couples Therapy

About the
International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners

Empowering Complementary Practitioners to make the world a better place by supporting excellence, professionalism, and progress in making best complementary care practices mainstream.

Complementary for many implies, alternative, fringe, unconventional, and even "woo woo", and for some, it even conjures up ideas of snake oil salesmen, medicine men, and shamans. For some regions of the world, complementary is synonymous with natural medicine, many practices predate modern therapy and medicine by hundreds of years, even millennia. The unregulated nature of most practices means for many seeking assistance trust, is an issue - the IACPC is dedicated to supporting Professional Complementary Practitioners to provide services with the support of best practices and evidence-based information, providing the trust so many need. Presenting standards and research, helping individuals to make informed decisions about the efficacy of Best Complementary Care practices. 

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Best Complementary Care Practices

The IACPC focuses on supporting professionalism and developing awareness and the popular use of two select Complementary Practices, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming both of which have been demonstrated to provide positive, mental, emotional, and physical benefits.  


Hypnosis is a process used to focus attention and increase suggestibility.


So as to bring about psychological, behavioral, and physical changes.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

The study of how we do what we do.


NLP is often referred to as the operating system of the mind.

Blog and Vlog

Expand your knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and toolkit of expertise; with the IAPCP Blog & Vlog. Sharing insights about best complementary care practices, well-being, and mental and physical health advancements.

“Our biggest limit is not in what we want and cannot do; it is in what we have never considered that we can do.” 

Dr. Richard Bandler - co-creator of NLP

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